I am proud to announce that Monne Australia has purchased Monn'e Tanning products .


We look forward to servicing all our loyal clients and in expanding our services and products in the future.


Monné was founded by Paula Monet.

Having trained in the best Skin Care Institutions and Salons in Europe, and working 15 years in the Cosmetic Industry, Paula developed an understanding of the needs of the consumer and the demands that modern day life puts on the natural balance of the skin.During Paula's research she discovered a revolutionary breakthrough.

With her extensive background, Paula realised the potential for developing a tinted self tanner. After years of research and testing,the most unique range of self tanners were launched gaining global recognition within months of being on the market in Australia.

LOVE A TAN … you will love Express Tan

Three amazing weightless formulations, a Liquid, Serum orSpray so you can finally choose a solution to suit your skin type and lifestyle.

Just a few simple drops of Liquid into your favourite moisturiser or sunscreen or a quick Spray before you rush out the door is all it takes.

Monne’s formulations combine two unique ingredients that work with your skin tone to create an intense, even and rapid colour with unique extracts to maintain hydration and ensure a long lasting tan.

Our advanced colour systems tan on contact with the skin for the most believable natural sun kissed tan.


Finally a product to make you feel healthy and glowing 365 days of the year!

  • Non-greasy, non-comedogenic and dries in seconds
  • Premium formulations made in Australia
  • Monne Express Tan helps eliminate the appearance of cellulite, pigmentation, age spots and stretch marks in just seconds



The perfect self tanner for the face as well as the body, creates the most believable natural sun-kissed tan.

The non-oily, lightweight serum formula is instantly absorbed leaving your skin feeling fresh and young -perfect for mature skin types requiring extra hydration.

Based on naturally derived caramel colorants, this advanced colour system

‘shows where it goes’

for the perfect even looking tan whilst delivering an instant bronzed look followed by a beautiful golden tan.



The Monne Express Tan Liquid was the first ever ‘liquid’ tanner in Australia.

A magical formula suitable for face and body application.

Simply adding a few drops into your favourite moisturiser or sunscreen or wipe on using a cotton make up pad, create your own desired colour.

A combination of Vitamin E and Lavender helps reduce irritability, acts as an anti-inflammatory, ensures long lasting moisturisation and offers protective benefits to the skin.


Unbelievable results in a matter of minutes. Airbrush finish and a 360 degree nozzle for easy application to those hard to reach places.

The fastest and easiest way to tan your skin without the sun.

The ultra fine spray delivers an exceptional even looking tan.

A combination of Vitamin E, bronzers and self tanner works instantly to give you a bronzed glow whilst your tan intensifies.

Tanning at home has never been so quick and easy!